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When you are asked to talk about your past, how do you usually react? Some people would have smiles on their faces. They would gladly talk about it. Some would become sullen and moody. The past wasn’t too good to them.

No matter how you feel about your past, you know that you cannot change it anymore. It is part of who you are. Talking about it in the correct tense is important. You need to let people know that it has already happened and it’s over. You may want to know how to check past tense through some tools? You can learn more when you continue to read now.

It will be easy to find some text talking about things that happened in the past. People find history important. If you are trying to find some text about using the past tense, though, you will have a hard time searching.

Types of Past Tenses That Past Tense Changer Detects

It will be easy to type something in the present tense and change it to the past tense. You just need to use a past tense changer. The more that you know about past tense and what are available, the better.

  1. Simple Past Tense – To do this, you need to use the base verb and change its verb form to the past tense form. You just need to put an -ed at the end of the verb or use the past participle of the verb. 
  2. Past Continuous Tense – This is the past tense form of “to be.” This can be used to describe an action in the past that was not completed.
  3. Past Perfect – This is the type of past tense wherein you will use had plus a past form version of the verb. You can use this when you want to describe a series of actions.
  4. Past Perfect Continuous – This type of past tense where you would be using had been the verb, and –ing. You can use this to describe something that was done in the past that led to other events that also happened in the past.
past tense types

The types may be confusing in the beginning. You do not want to make a mistake, especially when storytelling. The best thing to do is to use a website that detects past tense verbs.

Common Past Tense Mistakes

There are common mistakes that people deal with when using different tenses. The most common one is not being consistent with the tense being used. Some of the issues may not be detectable in your writing, especially if you just wrote things without thinking.

If you want to detect if you have used some words in the past tense, you can check if it is past tense by using the right past tense changer.

  • Not using the past perfect tense correctly

Some people hear the term “past perfect” and remember all of the word exercises they did when they were younger. This is confusing but remember that you can use past perfect when talking about some events that happened earlier.

For example, you may say, “I made ice cream.” This is in the simple past tense. If you use it in the past perfect tense, you will say, “I have made ice cream.” If you feel confused about this, you can always check your essay for past tense online. The right website or app can help you out.

  • The use of incorrect terms when you are talking about flashbacks

There are moments when you may want to talk about something that happened in the past. You will use flashbacks to describe the events that happened. It can be annoying to go through many “hads”. Remember that your main goal is to make your reader understand what happened in the past.

Make sure to use some transition phrases and some page breakers. It will make readers understand what you are trying to portray. If you want to know how to check past tense, you can do it with the right app or website. Just imagine how perfect your past tense is going to be.

  • Using past continuous tense when it is not needed

When you use past continuous tense, you are talking about something that happened in the past, but you describe another action that happened before. For example, you may say, “I was driving along the street when I saw my ex-boyfriend and her new girlfriend.”

The mistake that may happen is using this type of tense when it is already unnecessary. It is best to lessen the clutter of what you are trying to imply. The more that you keep things simple, the more readers will understand what you are trying to say.

past tense issues

Why Use a Past Tense Checker – Is It Necessary?

There are moments when no matter how hard you have tried to check, there are still some past tense mistakes that you will not immediately detect. The best thing to do is to use the right tool to provide a grammar check for past tense. 

This will work so well that it will know how to identify past perfect tense. There is no need to do the detection on your own. It will do everything that you need. 

This will also come with a past tense converter tool. Let us say that you do not know how the item can be used in the past tense. You just need to input your text, and it will do the conversion for you. You can just imagine how fast and easy this is going to be. It will be able to check my essay for past tense. It will also revise the past tense if necessary. The more you will use it, the easier you will see how to identify perfect tense.

The best thing is that it will do so much more than that. It can even detect some punctuation errors to make things easier for you. So if people would ask you how to check if everything is in past tense in your essay, you already know the answer. You just need a past tense changer.

Our tool will help analyze your text immediately to avoid wasting your time anymore. Check out our past tense sentence checker now.

There is no need to wait any longer. You will know how to identify perfect tense, and you do not need to spend a lot of time analyzing your essay!